RV 3" Slide-Out Wiper Seal (w/Adhesive)

Keystone Rv



This 2-3/8" inch Slide-Out Wiper seal is one of the most cost-effective offerings you'll find online. Sold in 25-foot sections, it is expertly designed to encase and protect the exterior of your RV from dirt, wind, weather, and noise. Fabricated from durable but pliable rubber, this slide-out seal will preserve the condition of your RV for years. Installation is a breeze with the included adhesive strip, simply cut the length you need with a knife or even scissors, peel off the adhesive protective strip, and apply it to the needed areas of your RV.

If you need a longer section, an extended, continuous piece will be cut and shipped. A 25' roll of this seal will ship USPS for free and will generally arrive in under 6-7 business days. Longer sections will likely ship FedEx for the same cost and the at the same arrival time.


  • Material: High Strength EPDM rubber

  • Dimensions: 2-3/8" × 1/8" × 25'

  • Color: Black

  • Included: 3M Adhesive Tape


There will be a 25% restocking fee for returned items. Any defects with the product must be addressed with Elk Mountain within 24 hours of delivery.

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